Good Things About 9/11

There are many Good Things that happened on September 11th, 2001.

  • When the FAA grounded all air traffic on 9/11, tiny Gander (pop 12,000), Newfoundland found itself with 6,600 passengers. The population of Gander fed them from their own kitchens.
  • Also when the FAA grounded all air traffic, God Blessed the ENTIRE country with clear weather in which the planes could land.
  • A piece of the World Trade Center is on the surface of Mars. One of the tools on the rover Spirit was fashioned out of metal recovered from the WTC. It’s the part with the American flag on it.
  • The Fire Boat John J. Harvey was sold for salvage by the City of New York, However it was still afloat on 9/11 and  provided the ONLY source of water to fight the fires that day. It has been saved from the scrap heap.
  • Mental-health professionals used to see Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on a case-by-case basis, but after 9/11, PTSD was widely observed. Before 9/11, PTSD was associated with war veterans. But 9/11 brought that condition home to nearly every community in America. Researchers have come to understand looking at how well communities recover from mass violence and disaster situations provides a glimpse into the overall mental health of the nation.
  • It’s hard to imagine robots not being sent into disaster zones these days, but September 11 was the day the robots were “literally pulled out of the laboratory and taken Ground Zero.”
  • A United 757  pilot was bound for L.A. when United put out warnings to guard the cockpit. Upon  receiving the message, he aborted his  take off.  The  passengers deplaned, a group of “Arab looking” passengers fled the passenger terminal leaving their baggage behind. This group has never been identified and has not been listed among the hijackers.


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9/11 Terrorists Going to Stay at Guantanamo Bay- Fuck Them

The six terrorists that have been charged with planning the 9/11 attacks will be tried before a military commission and not a civilian court. The trail will take place in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Before you rend your blouse and gnash your teeth, bemoaning that their human rights are being violated, you might consider this.

Walid Muhammad Salih Mubarak Bin ‘Attash is alleged to have administered an al Qaeda training camp in Logar, Afghanistan where two of the September 11th hijackers were trained. He is also alleged to have traveled to Malaysia in 1999 to observe airport security by US air carriers in order to assist in formulating the hijacking plan.

Ali Abdul Aziz Ali is alleged to have included sending approximately $120,000 to the hijackers for their expenses and flight training, and facilitating travel to the United States for nine of the hijackers.

These two psychopaths were appearing in the courtroom in Guantanamo. Bored of the proceedings Bin Attash fashioned a paper airplane and sailed it to Aziz Ali. Aziz Ali caught the plane and unfolded it. Reading what was there, he laughed out loud.

Bin Attash had written the flight numbers of the planes used in the September 11th attacks.