John Rankin Wants to be Your Friend

This a SCAM ALERT, so if you’re on Facebook you should really read this.


I’m on facebook too and since I run a fan page for this blog I get a lot of friend requests.  If I don’t know the person off hand I look at their page and see if anyone else I know has them as a friend.  If we have become “facebook friends” through a spirited string of comments I’ll friend you.

Recently I got a friend request from “John Rankin”.  The last name sounded familiar so I gave it attention.  After looking at John’s page and seeing no one I knew I became suspicious.  There was very little on his page to describe him.  I put his friend request on hold.


That was a couple of days ago.  I woke up today at about 2 AM.  I think my CPAP machine had stopped working.  Anyway.  I grabbed a glass of milk and checked my facebook waiting to go back to sleep.  Then I got a facebook messenger ping on my cell. It was from John Rankin.  Weird.  I checked my chat box and my “friend” John was chatting with me.  I HAD NOT ACCEPTED HIS FRIEND REQUEST BUT THERE HE WAS.  Below is the chat.  It’s a huge picture so wait for it to load and scroll through it to the bottom and I’ll have more words when you get there.



I thought I was chatting with a robot and am not convinced I wasn’t.  Needless to say, John hung up on me.  Who’d a thunk? I hope this has helped you and spread the word.  I Googled “Facebook Promo Scam” and I see that others have been phished.  Please leave comment below.  Feel free to visit our Facebook Fan Page at the links on the right and like us.