Attention Las Vegans and anyone else for that matter.  PHISHING  SCAM ALERT! No joke.

We just got another phone call from Washington DC with the 202 area code congratulating us on being selected for a $8000 Federal Grant.  I was a very excited young man who spoke really, really bad English. It was a very bad connection with a lot of background noise like he was calling from a room full of people all on the phone,  We told him it was a bad connection and we couldn’t understand a word he was saying.


HE said is was “Transferring us to a supervisor”.  This “supervisor” spoke equaling bad English.  We were “selected” to be offered this “grant from the federal government” and if we could confirm that we were not convicted of a felony or were in bankruptcy we too could get $8000.


Wow! what a deal.  While my beautiful Bride was “talking” to the “supervisor”, my fingers flew over a hot keyboard.  I Googled




and got this…

Call Center Dot Com

Go ahead and click the link Call Center is legit.  There you’ll find details and complaints about this phishing scam.

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