T-Bird in the Dirt

15 MAR, 2005- The USAF Thunderbirds usually do their first show of the season at Creech AFB, Nevada. It’s called “Indian Springs Appreciation Day”. They practice at Creech and the show is a full-up dress rehearsal and a “Thank you and sorry about that bathroom window”.

In March of 2005, I was working and I called the wife to ask if she liked the show.

Wife-“It was all right, but your son freaked out.”

Me-“What happened?”

Wife- “Something about a wheel or something. He said I was the adult and had the good camera and to get closer. He said he blaze away with his camera. Later, he told me not to go through any metal detector and don’t let anyone touch the camera until Dad sees it.”

Me- “Put him on.”

Me- “What happened Josh?”

Josh- “Number three went into the dirt!”

Me- “Really”

Josh- “Yeah, really. The gear collapsed.”

The mishap happened at the end of the show and taxing into the spot. Number three didn’t make the turn and trundled off the taxi way. The pilot was taken away in a back board. The cause of mishap was brake failure. I chatted with the crew chief and he said,
“The pilot’s okay. The jet is okay. We’re flying at Luke next week.”

The pilot was on the back board as a precaution. The gear did not collapse. From the crowd line, it only appeared that the it was on its belly.

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