Star Trekking in Las Vegas 2013

It dawned on me today.  Star Trek conventions are like Renaissance Fairs with air conditioning.

Look at it this way.  There are hundreds of people.  Many are dressed in period costumes.  Some are brandishing weapons.  There is an opportunity for some awesome shopping.  This year,  the Official Star Trek Convention was at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Jamie, Rosie and I attacked on Days Three and Four.
Our landing party beamed down on Saturday, 10 August.

This was the first convention for the ladies.  I got recognized by strangers as a returning fan. [Insert awkward moment here].  Saturday was a death march through the casino because I did the valet.  On Sunday we parked in  the back with a quick stroll through the lot.




First order of business, get the tickets.
Rosie jumps feet first and scores a picture with some fans.

We make a bee line to the Vendors Room.  Picture a Star Trek flea market in your mind.  All things Star Trek are up for sale and there are celebrities on hand for autographs and pictures.  Not all from Star Trek.  We start down the first aisle and I’m “Holy Shit! That’s James Darren”.  I watched him play professor Tony Newman in the science fiction television series, The Time Tunnel (1966–1967).

walt-and-friend I brought hair spray and a brush and my hair winds up like this.  Jim was totally cool and though his Star Trek connection was being on “T.J. Hooker”, he was thrilled that I remembered “The Time Tunnel”. While I’m hanging out with Jim, Jamie scores an autograph from “Max Headroom”. How cool is that?  Rosie is no slouch either.

Rosie was on a quest for all things "Whovian".
Rosie was on a quest for all things “Whovian”.
Then who walks up and starts talking to Rosie? Doctor Who #4. That's Who.
Then who walks up and starts talking to Rosie? Doctor Who #4. That’s Who.

After the Vendor’s Room we went to see William Shatner  in the Ball Room.  We had seats three rows back from the stage.  But before Bill came out, some folks strolled up and said we were in their seats.  Since they paid $750 bucks for them, we let them sit down.

We found new seats half way back to the nose bleeds.

Then Bill came out with Kate Mulgrew and it was a great.  But that’s for another post.

Bill and Kate.
Bill and Kate.



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