Star Trekkin’ in Las Vegas

“The World’s Biggest Star Trek Convention” kicked off last Thursday at the Hilton Hotel and Casino. Yours Truly attended the first day with Ken and Jen (Besties since the beginning of Time). It was sad to see the the Star Trek Experience is gone but the Sci-Fi themed bar area is still there. The Bathrooms have switched from a Trek theme to a vaguely Star Wars theme. The urinal I used informed me that all my systems were functioning properly and wished that “The Luck Be With Me”.

Red Shirt sporting fatal head wound.

At this point Total Disclosure compels me to state that I am a Trekker from Day One. The Trek Universe is divided into Trekkies and Trekkers. Trekkies consider STAR TREK as a religion. Trekkers regard it as a quirky TV show. As we approached the ballrooms the Trekkies and Uber-geeks were schooling.

This convention seemed a little underattended at first look.  But the format was “pay per view” for the major stars. Autograph rooms held alot of people lined up for their brush with fame.   $99 for Micheal Dorn or George Takei (Rhymes with toupee)  How about $199 for a chat with Leonard Nimoy?  Yeah pricey.  We donned our $30 General Admission bracelets and boldly went where the poor folk usually go.

The Vendor Exhibition

Yes, it really was.

To start with it was huge. There was everything from sets and props to key chains.  I did note that my Tribble is now worth $300.  TNG jumpsuits that were worn on the shows (TNG, DS9 and Voyager) were going for $150, you pick the size and color.  For $140 a vendor was offering a replica TOS uniform shirt. It featured the original fabric, color and braiding.

Cindy Pickett

I couldn’t resist to feel the fabric. A combination of polyester and burlap. I now know why the cast hated them.

The Actors

There always are actors in signing booths and you always hope there will be “good” ones.  This Con was hip-deep with people you haven’t seen in years.  “Did you see? Did you see?  Did you see?” was said over and over.  I could’ve blown the rent money on autographs but settled for wonderful memories and a couple of pictures.  Not all actors allowed (or even were allowed) pictures being taken of them.  Some gladly jumped up and joined in.

No, Cindy was not in Star Trek.  But she’s CINDY PICKETT!! Ferris’ Mom? “Call to Glory?” Playboy? Come on!!! She was charming and friendly (and still a stunner).  Awkward moment…  Do you walk up and start the conversation with “Wow, I used to beat off to you as a teenager.”? Uh….no.  Try “I’ve been a big fan.”, loser.  Or maybe, “Love your work.”  Then get the autographed Playboy shot and rush home.

The booth next to her had the guy Arnie killed in “Commando” but he was grumpy or tired.

Richard Hatch
Richard Hatch

No not “Survivor” Richard Hatch.  “Captain Apollo” Richard Hatch.  Battlestar Galactica. DUH!!

Once again, Rich never made it to Star Trek but was having a blast talking to fans anyway.

Not shown in the Not Shown….

The guy that HAL killed. GARY LOCKWOOD!! I kick myself for not getting a picture.

The robot from “Buck Rogers”.

The green chick with the Glass Bowl Hat from “Lost in Space”.

Sean Kenney

Sean Kenney

Sean is probably the most unknown/famous actor in Trekdom. He played Captain Pike in

the wheelchair.  Didn’t know that did ya? Yeah huh.  I had a wonderful conversation with

Sean who was proud of his Hallmark Christmas Ornament.  His kids said he was really famous now that he was on a Hallmark.

Yes that was him inside the chair pushing the button for yes and no.  Does that me think  he should’ve been on the credits for a speaking role.  Hmmmmm?  “BEEP……….BEEP……….BEEP.

The Fans

As was mentioned, the place was flooded with people in costume.

How About Three Generations of Trek?

Saving the Best for Last.

I spotted this group on the way out.  How could I pass up Kirk and Spock having lunch together.  Well maybe Third Season Kirk on Vacation and Lenny the Vulcan Accountant.  Alternate Universe Yeoman Rand walked up and I never got the guys’ names. They get my vote for the Best Spirit of Trek Fan Costume Award.  Just fans being themselves in the Trek mode. These are the folks the Federation PR department would pass by but are the heart and soul of the Trek Universe.


alternate universe Yeoman Rand

“Guy Who Won’t Make it to the Commercial” joins landing party.
See you at the next one.


8 thoughts on “Star Trekkin’ in Las Vegas

  1. SO great. I’m so glad you got to experience this!! Great pics, great commentary. Live long and prosper, my father. ♥

  2. How did you not get a picture of Twinkie?! What the hell is wrong with you?! Lol… just kidding. This expose on your Trek adventure was informative and funny, I almost felt like I was there =)

  3. I am glad to see my pictures were put to such good use. It was a great trip and I had a great time. I can’t imagine attending it without you. I don’t think I have ever pointed and done the monkey chant “OOO…OOO!” so much in my life. We were like kids in a candy store. Thank goodness you bought that phaser or that skinny Klingon might have had the drop on us in the parking garage. You never know which one they think they are, so it is best to play it safe and just stun first and ask once they are restrained. Your commentary was great! Rock out with your Spock out!

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