Single Serving Star Trek Friends

One of the best things about Star Trek conventions is that everyone is nice. Where can you trade $1000 cameras so that you can be in the picture too? Some of the celebrities can be grumpy but you’d be grumpy too if you had just spend four days talking to 100,000 “close friends”. On Saturday the place was crowded. Working through the crowd this black guy bumped into me, apologized and moved on. After a beat, I turned and said to Jamie, “Hey? That was LaVar Burton“. On Sunday, LaVar and Brent Spiner were signing pictures. I had a nice chat with LaVar who was obviously worn out. Brent was engrossed in his iPad (tweeting) and was in a world of his own.

Garrett Wang was by far my best Single Serving friend. Rather than treat us like a hooker asking for a lap dance, Garrett was friendly, open and warm. I wound up hanging out at his table for about an hour swapping stories and jokes. I figure there’s a 50/50 chance of him leaving a comment here. He had great stories about how the cast and crew of “Voyager” never quite caught on to the fact that Ensign Kim was KOREAN not Chinese. “His name is Kim, duh.”, says Garrett.

Garret jumped when Jamie photo bombed us. His personal assistant (and very cute body guard) said, “We have to take another because you guys were photobombed by his wife.”



Arlene Martel guest starred as T'Pring
Arlene Martel guest starred as T’Pring

With a room full of actors selling their autographs, Rosie was cheerfully going around and getting their autograph for free.  Arlene was one of her “victims”.

T'Pring's boyfriend Stonn- Actor Lawrence Montaigne
T’Pring’s boyfriend Stonn- Actor Lawrence Montaigne

I had a great time listening to Larry tell stories about his role as the Canadian Haynes (‘Diversions’)in “The Great Escape”. He was also in “Combat” and “Twelve O’Clock High” the tv series. When can you have 20 minutes talking to a living piece of TV history?  “I”M NOT WORTHY! I’M NOT WORTHY!!””  Then Rosie walked up and stole the show.   He signed her autograph book and told her to “Ditch Dad”.  Later she showed me his autographed trading card. I told her to hide it because there was about hundred people in the room that would pay 50 bucks for the card.




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