Seal Team Six Gets it Done

It was announced that it was SEAL Team Six that punched Osama Bin Laden’s ticket to Allah.

No ordinary SEAL Team, ST6 is recruited from other active teams. Truly the Best of the Best.  Their Area of Operation is the most sensitive assignments. Often operating outside of normal legal barriers, SEAL Team Six gets it done in the Real World.

Blacker that Black, I’m amazed that their participation has been made public. They will hold no press conferences. They identity forever shrouded. Promotions and redacted awards of medals are sure to follow. Their real celebration was probably a shot of Rye and cigar. Pride knowing that their kids know “Daddy does stuff important to the Country.”

3 thoughts on “Seal Team Six Gets it Done

  1. As soon as I heard, I wondered about the one who pulled the trigger on the fatal shot. We’ll never know his name, or what he looks like, and I imagine not even his family will know what he did. But I hope he truly understands the importance of following those orders, and how much this country appreciates his service.

  2. 10 years. Trillions of dollars. Thousands of soldiers dead. State of the art technology. Finally found Bin Laden. In his house. Tricky

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