Saturn V Engines Recovered from Atlantic founder Jeff Bezos funded a year long search that has recovered two F-1 Engines from 14,000 feet of water.  The engines belonged to the first stage of the Saturn V moon rocket.  The first stage was jettisoned shortly after launch to be parachuted into the Atlantic Ocean.


This is a F-1 Saturn V rocket engine.
This is one of the F-1’s laying on the sea floor.


It’s unknown which Apollo mission these engines belong to.  The serial numbers have been worn away.  There were ten manned flights of the Saturn V from 1967 until 1972.  There were also five unmanned test shots and the unmanned launch of Skylab.  Regardless, the find is historic and Bezos has decided to donate one to the  National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. and one to the Air Museum of Seattle Washington.

The Saturn V got its name from the five engines of the first stage.

German engineers were designing the rocket engine for a trip to Saturn when President Kennedy redirected them to the moon.  That’s where the “Saturn” in Saturn V comes from.

Recovered Thrust Chamber and Fuel Manifold.

 More pictures of recovery.

Apollo 11

NASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary





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