Sassy Gay Friend

So I was channel surfing last night and came across Lisa Lampanelli (like that’s unusual;/). There she was on LOGO Announcing winners for some award. Among the nominees were Carrie Fisher and someone called Sassy Gay Friend SPOILER ALERT. Carrie won. Okay she tied for first place with some off road ranger from Dawson’s Creek. Whatever.

So my interest was piqued that a fictional character could be nominated for some gay cinema award.

I googled Sassy Gay Friend. I clicked on “Sassy Gay Friend-Hamlet”. On the youtube page please note that the Promoted Video is “and I’m Mormon”. Creepy huh? Is he Mormon and Gay and Black? Is his middle name “Beat My Ass”?


Here’s SGF.

Stupid video not loading? CLICK HERE.

Stupid video still not loading? CLICK HERE.

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