Rosie and the Flower Shop

When work or softball don’t interfere, Rosie and I spend the weekends together. Saturday morning tends to be filled with errands Dads have to do and which bore daughters to death.

I had some banking to do and Rosie asked to visit the florist next door. She likes to hang out there and she’s mentioned she hopes to get a job at a flower shop. Off she went.

By the time the line moved and I was up to the counter, she came to join me.

A woman followed her into the bank, from the logo on her smock I could tell she worked at the florist.  The single rose in the cut glass vase was also a dead give away. She walked straight up to Rosie.

“We thought you were the most polite customer we’ve had today.  We’d like you to have this.” She handed Rosie the rose.

This is Rosie with the rose. Pretty cool huh?

We’ve gotten  used to this over the years. I’ve been trying to teach her not to get over on people with her looks or charm. She can pull the trigger when she wants to.  But sometimes it’s better to smile and say thank you.

Click and take a closer look.

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