Robonaut 2

Did anyone noticed I mentioned that a ROBOT was going into space aboard the Discovery? Not just any robot but Robonaut 2, named R2 for short. It rode into space in its SLEEPR box. Structural Launch Enclosure to Effectively Protect Robotnaut.

It (and they are very proud to be Its) has a twin that works at General Motors and four more siblings under construction. One of those will join R2 on the International Space Station and go up on a Centaur II rocket. Hence, its name is R2C2. I AM SO NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!! You can see more about Robonaut on a Modern Marvels episode about of all things, Packaging. Here’s a video to tide you over before you can watch Modern Marvels..

Robonaut 2 has a Facebook.

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