Reid Defeats Angle

I’m kinda hoping that when I wake tomorrow the headline will be wrong. But thank God I don’t live in California. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown? Governor of a State that still doesn’t have legal pot? The last time Jerry was Governor his policies crushed any hope I had of a college education.

After a night of binge drinking, Nancy Pelosi will wake and not remember how she lost her gavel.

Nancy Pelosi after the election.

Anyway, Whorehouse Harry Reid goes back to Washington to continue as Barry’s Best Boy. Except this time the America People have taken steam out of the Hope and Change Train. Now it’s up to the Republicans to not fuck up.

Unfortunately,  they will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t. But maybe by 2012 we’ll have honest elections again.

Here’s how Harry “Pinky” Reid defeated Sharron Angle:

Click here to enlarge.

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