Red Card for the Race Card.

Americans call it Soccer.  If you’re not playing fair. If you’re playing in a dangerous way? If you pick a fight?  You draw a Red Card from the Ref.  You are ejected from the game.  It’s about time to draw the Red Card for Racism in America.

From siding with a Harvard professor to speaking out for a murdered young Black man, the President has come down solidly on the side of Al Sharpton, Miss Shahrazad Ali, The Black Panthers and all who strive to incite and divide the races rather than live in harmony.  It is time for ALL Americans to reject the illusion of the Race War and embrace peace and harmony for all.

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Thirty years ago my Father was sitting in a American History lecture when someone brought up living under the oppression of slavery.  Dad recorded his lectures back in the day and I wish I still had the tape.  He rose in class that day and said that he was the oldest person in the room.  That the young black man who had just spoken and everyone else in the room had every opportunity to go as far in life as their talent could take them.  That every one who used the crutch of slavery to explain their personal; failure was an idiot.  That racism exists in America only in places where it’s embraced.  He called on every Black in the room to truly throw of the chains of slavery. To reject the rhetoric of hate.  Powerful, eloquent words that my efforts this morning fail to convey.

Very powerful words coming from a man who was a card carrying racist.  I grew up hearing the licorice drops were “nigger toes” and baloney was “nigger steak”.  In his old age, he was 71, my Dad rejected racism and embraced Peace and Harmony.  Why can’t we now?

Mainly because of bullshit  the Al Sharptons and Miss Ali’s continue to spew out.

I went to a Black Ghetto high school.  It was 1974 and the school had just come through a very difficult time of all out race riots on campus.  But in the three years I was there things were calm.  But there were still problems.  The Black Student Union would hold sock hops at lunch from time to time.  Some of us “White Folk” wanted to attend but didn’t have a BSU card.  The BSU said we couldn’t join because we were white.  Some of us proposed forming a White Student Union and hold our own dances.  We were told that was racist.

That was my introduction to Black Racism.  But I saw stupidity on both sides and rejected both. I learned and still use the word NIGGER to describe all these idiots both Black and White.  I joke that I majored in Black Studies in college and am qualified to be Black where ever I go.  In reality, I didn’t go to college because I was too white to qualify for scholarships offered in my school.  In reality, I’m color blind.  I truly don’t give a fuck what color your skin is be it black, white, brown, red or rainbow.  In reality it wasn’t a Black school. It was Filipino.  That was the biggest race on campus.  They ran the school while the Blacks and Whites bitched at each other.  Americans better get our shit together before the Mexicans take over our country.

I call on you, yes you reading this, to reject racism as I and my father did so long ago.



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  1. I agree. We should be color blind in such matters. I try my hardest to do so. People are selfish and compete on every front, but looking for yet another excuse to hate seems really stupid.

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