We offer examples of the source of racism in America. It is our hope that a discussion can be had to clarify misconceptions and lies about racism in our history. That the hatred of a few did not represent the majority of Whites.

From the horse’s mouth Julius Howell says the Civil War was fought by the ranks for States Rights.

In the following video to women are interviewed and present opposing views of the first family of color moving into their neighborhood. Much like the politicians making Slavery a cause in the Civil War. The politicians of the 1950’s passed laws to institutionalize racism while many whites in America did not hold that viewpoint.

Migrant Farm Workers.

What has surprised you? Labor Camps?

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Cesar Chavez

The narrative changes…

After the Civil War, how did we as Americans go from wide-spread racism to everything is racist?

2 thoughts on “Racism

  1. It turns out that racism is part of human nature. It starts as a survival mechanism for tribal cultures, as a selfish prioritization of the welfare of the tribe (us) over all others (them). This can be small things, but there are countless examples of it including an acceptable form of slavery as well. Instead of killing your enemies, you capture some and you use them. Some people might even have the idea it is better, because it is viewed as a form of forced integration, but it is still forced upon the captives. Even when there is no logical reason for the us and them stance, people will find a reason to create a group to dislike. Any skin color in minority or cultural minority simply makes it easier, but all groups are subject to bias if the elements are there. There is still slavery today, because there are those who feel justified in the use of it. You can change political views over time and you can slowly change the course of the river of human behavior, but it takes a very long time and at our core, people like having someone to not like…and it shows.

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