Protesters Fill Streets as Wisconsin Lawmakers Flee

Students and Workers took to the streets of Madison Wisconsin to voice their disapproval of a bill before the State legislature that will reel in the State’s Budget three billion dollar overrun by curtailing the Union benefits of State employees.  As crowds advanced on the Governor’s mansion, Wisconsin lawmakers fled to nearby Illinois to seek refuge.

Micheal Moore has tweeted that Wisconsin is the new Cairo and pledged his support of the workers.

More than 10,000 union supporters flooded the State Capitol on Tuesday to voice their opposition of a bill that seeks to save money by stripping nearly all collective bargaining rights from the majority of public workers.

President Obama was quoted as saying that the new law “is an assault on the workers of the State”.

The SEIU has declared full-scale war on the Badger State over attempts to rein in bloated public union pay and benefits.

If the State Government does not yield to the demands of the protesters, Federal Troops may step in to restore order. Military experts predict that plans for Operation Wisconsin Freedom are well underway.

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