President Trump’s First 100 Days

With millions of women marching, the Democrats in Congress pouting and the mass stream media lying; we’ve decided to post a list of the Left’s nightmares.  Enjoy.





In the first 100 days President Trump will sign executive orders or legislation to accomplish the following:

Outlaw the Democratic Party.

Abolish Abortions.

Place Chicago under Martial Law.

Give the United Nations 24 hours to vacate and leave the country.

Deploy the Army to our Southern border with orders to shoot to kill.

Build a wall along the Southern border with automatic machine guns and land mines.

Enter into a non-aggression pact with Russia and divide the Ukraine between them and the U.S.

Burn the Capitol and blame it on Muslims.

Nuke North Korea.

You’ll have to valid I.D. and eat bacon to get in a voting booth.

Make it a crime to criticize the President.

Cut off all federal funds to California.

Defund PBS.

Appoint Ted Nugent and Bill O’Reilly to the Supreme Court.

Make welfare recipients pick lettuce.

Mandatory gun ownership.

Make prayer mandatory in schools, including universities and colleges.

Put a big white cross on top of the White House.

Close Guantanamo prison by executing all the prisoners.

Deploy the U.S. Tenth Infantry Division to Israel.

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