Predator Eulogy

“Trip” and “Snooze” are a couple of F-16 pilots who happen to sing. Actually, a lot of pilots sing, these guys are good at it. A while back they started emailing me to inquire about the F-16 bumper stickers I do.

One thing leads to another and they invite me out to a “gig” they were having at the Las Vegas Club. As it turns out, it was a Maintenance/Ops party for the 23rd TFS  wrapping up their Red Flag TDY. Sporting my Lucky Puppy t-shirt, I infiltrated the party. One guy in this room full of people from the other side of the river types recognized the 313th.

They opened with “Predator Eulogy”. I turned to this guy standing next to me and said,

“The Thunderbirds are upgrading in 2008”.

The guy says,
“The Thunderbirds are upgrading in 2008”, I repeated.
“What did you say??”, jeez this guy is deaf.

“I said, the Thunderbirds are upgrading to the Predator in 2008!”

He then gives me a weird look and whips out his business card. OMG! He’s a Thunderkid! He then starts rolling his beer on the table.

“Okay, the line at the bar is kinda long but I’ll go get you one.”
“Nevermind”, he says. “I was just pulling your chain.”
“Oh no, I insist. We crew chiefs are used to giving you Thunderbirds whatever you want.”

At that point he started to give me the “I’m not worthy” bow and I went and got him a beer.

The song goes something like this…..

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