Precious Moments

The years fly by and when it comes to parenting you’re changing diapers one day and taking prom pictures the next. It leaves you wondering. Where did the time go?

Every now and then, a precious moment happens.

Every Mom and every Dad picture their ideas of these P.M’s. Flowers and sunshine. Puppies and kisses.  Sigh….

Reality dawns and sometimes the Precious Moment involved popping zits or worse.


So we were hunkered down on the couch watching “Tangled”. Supplied with chips and soda, intent on the movie, silence reigned.

Amidst this Bliss, the silence was broken by a Royal Ripping Fart. Not the SBD. Not the Squeaker. It was the  one that sounds like a quart of pudding hitting a linoleum floor.

With both of us staring at the screen, the following took place….

DAD: “Was that you?”

ROSIE: “Did it smell like peppermints?”

DAD: “No.”

ROSIE: “Wasn’t me.”

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