Polish 767 Lands with the Gear Up

LOT Flight 016, Warsaw Poland

Warsaw- Polish Airlines Flight 016  from New York City bound for Warsaw, Poland landed with the gear up today.  After circling Warsaw and failing to extend the landing gear the LOT airline pilot brought her on in.  All 230 passengers and crew were evacuated without injuries.   The big question in my little mind is “WHY???” Why did he have to put in the dirt?

Prior to Landing

1. Place landing gear handle in “down” position. It’s the handle with the little wheel shaped knob on it so you know it’s the right one.

2. If the wheels don’t go down. Blow them down with the emergency hydraulic system.

3. If the wheels aren’t blown down. Manually unlock the gear doors and the suckers will FALL OUT AND LOCK.!!!!

So I ask again. Why couldn’t the crew put the gear down.


Here’s a gravity extend test on a Boeing 767 where it fails. The cause of today’s mishap is still unknown but this video gives you an idea of what might have happened.

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