Picking a Pope

The Conclave of Cardinals was formed today to elect a new Pope.  the Conclave is made up of 117 Cardinals  from 50 countries.

This election will replace the outgoing Pope Benedict in what some have called the Biggest German Choke since 1944. Exactly how the Conclave picks a Pope is shrouded in Historical mystery.  Although it’s widely accepted that the Pope is selected through prayerful meditation and quiet discussion, there are other theories.  Shouting matches and even wrestling  matches have been speculated.

We at the Lucky Puppy prefer to think that the Pontiff and Leader of the Holy See will be determined by a spirited game of Bingo.



We understand that a Picking a Pope drinking game may be too much for our sensitive readers. We therefore have formatted the card so that you can also play a good game of Pope Concentration.  Just match the Name of the Cardinal to the country where he hails from.



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