Pelosi Flies to Syria

Did not Rudolph Hess fly to England in World War Two to try and negotiate a separate Peace with the Allies? He wound up with a life sentence didn’t he?

Oh my the Times are changing.

The Constitution provides the Legislature with the power to ratify treaties. Treaties which the Executive Branch has secured. It is the Executive Branch that the Constitution grants the power to conduct diplomacy with the President as Chief Diplomat.

It this capacity the President can send forth anyone he wishes to conduct such diplomacy. Witness trips by Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter and others who have been dispatched by the President to act in his behest.

Reactions by President Bush clearly indicate that these mechanisms were not in play for the Pelosi junket.

Nancy Pelosi took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and yet she continues to fly in the face of it.

Pelosi say that the Democrats were elected with a mandate from the People. Fair enough. A mandate to express the views of the electorate to the Executive Branch. Not a mandate to execute foreign policy on her own.

2 thoughts on “Pelosi Flies to Syria

  1. Not a mandate to execute foreign policy on her own.

    And to think, the libs went apoplectic last year when Rove claimed Leftist Dems wanted to extend “counseling” and “understanding” to terrorists.

    And here we have Pelosi meeting with Assad, considering meeting with Ahmadinejad…and not only refusing to meet with Bush, but telling her lunatic-left footsoldiers that she’ll take him to court if he issues a signing statement regarding the Iraq War spending bill.

    Oh, she’s leading her party in a war, alright. Unfortunately, it’s a war on America and Republicans instead of a war against terrorists.

  2. It is a sad truth that the Dems are at war with America and the Republicans. They are fighting to be back in power and are willing to anything to win.

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