Our Vacation

Where do Las Vegans go for vacation? Phoenix of course.


We jumped in the car a drove to Phoenix, Arizona.
Jamie did the driving and I did the navigating.

Okay, the GPS did all the navigating (we have named her “Bitcherella”). Jamie knew the way so I wound up napping a lot.


Spent the day in the pool.  I tried to get some pictures but ran into road blocks. One, Jamie banned all pictures of her in the pool. Two, I suddenly find it hard to take pictures of soon-to-be-a -teen daughter without it looking like kiddie P0rn.

Dad Approved.
Dad Approved as well.


We went to the zoo. The temperature was 112, maybe 113 in the shade.  We noticed at the last minute that the zoo opened at 0700 and closed at 1400. We made it there by 1000.

First up were the Komodo Dragons.

The dragons were hiding in the shade of the foot bridge but we got a picture of the cool bronze out front.

This is "Indu". One of three Indian elephants at the zoo.

Indu is the matriarch of her little herd. Reba and Sheena opted to hang out in the air conditioning but Indu came out to say “Hi” and grab a snack. The way the enclosure is designed you can wind up THREE feet from the elephant. Wow!

Close enough for you?

The Borneo Orangutan exhibit was closed. Later we found out why. Duchess is the oldest orangutan in North America. She came to Phoenix in 1962. She’s 52 years old. She was just diagnosed with  a malignant form of cancer, specifically lymphosarcoma. While her condition is terminal, her staff is committed to making her last days comfortable, happy and pain free. Her newest hobby is washing the windows of her enclosure. Read more about Duchess.


Hung out in the pool again. But did spend some time watching this guy prune palm trees.

He did about six trees. Up and down for hours. 110 degrees in the shade.


More time in the pool.  Family movie night. Watched “Australia”.


We did a road trip to Frontier Town in Cave Creek, Arizona. I was thinking, “Wild West Cowboy Show”. When we found a cluster of gift shops I thought it was a bust. But it was fantastic!  I reminded me of Cannery Row in Monterey. Each shop was a unique wonderland.

This candle shop was awesome.

Run single handed by this little old lady. Been making candles for 60 years and it shows. From two dollar tea candles to $150 monsters. There was a section for every scent and there were a lot of them.  There was even a station where you can design and make your own candle.



Then there was some quirkiness…..

This could be challenging...


Swung by the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office to watch the Friday Illegal Alien Executions. After that, Pool and a movie. “War Horse”. I’m a sucker for horse movies.


Bright and early, we’re back on the road home. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories. The best part of the vacation was unanimous, Spending Time with Each Other.










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