Our Beloved President

His weak, wishy-washy, namby-pamby efforts, imbecile in matter, disgusting in manner, have made us the laughing stock of the whole world.Take him from his vocation and he loses even these small characteristics and indulges in simple twaddle which would disgrace a well bred school boy.  He is evidently a person of very inferior cast of character, wholly unequal to the crisis. How could a man elected president in November be so reviled in February?

Because he was a blank slate, Americans, at the climax of a national crisis 30 years in coming, projected onto him everything they saw wrong with the country. To the opinion makers in the cities of the East, he was a weakling, inadequate to the needs of the democracy. To the hostile masses in the South, he was an interloper, a Caesar who represented a deadly threat to the  Republic. To millions on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, he was not a statesman but merely a standard bearer for a vast, corrupt political system.

His [agendas] are “a monstrous usurpation, a criminal wrong, and an act of national suicide.” An editorial in Columbus, Ohio’s The Crisis asked, “Is not this a Death Blow to the Hope of Union?” and declared, “We have no doubt that this [agenda] seals the fate of this Union as it was and the Constitution as it is.… The time is brief when we shall have a DICTATOR PROCLAIMED, for this [agenda]  can never be carried out except under the iron rule of the worst kind of despotism.”

Indeed, there were enough angry letters home from soldiers to give color to the rumors of military revolt.

“The army is dissatisfied and the air is thick with revolution…. God knows what will be the consequence, but at present matters look dark indeed, and there is large promise of a fearful revolution which will sweep before it not only the administration but popular government.”

As to the politics of Washington, the most striking thing is the absence of personal loyalty to the President. It does not exist. He has no admirers, no enthusiastic supporters, none to bet on his head.

The media has described him as…

Filthy story teller, despot, liar, thief, braggart, buffoon, usurper, monster, ignoramus ape, old scoundrel, perjurer, swindler, tyrant and butcher.

Do you think  this describes President Obama?  Think again.

These things were said of Lincoln while he lived.



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