Our Family

“Modern Family” has nothing on us.  We’re TEAM QUIRKY when a camera is around.

Here we are at Shark Reek in Mandalay Bay.

The photographer asked, “Serious or funny?” We all said “FUNNY”! So he said look at the red light and look scared. Without a word shared, we all looked up and this is what happened.

I thought this was a unique incident until we went mini-golfing.

Abby took this pic.


Then she yelled, “NOW GOOFY!!”

Then this happened.


Just hanging around the house.
A visit to Fort Sumpter.


Me and Number One Son.

I thought this next one was pretty normal until Abby tagged us on Facebook.

Left to right- Brian, Abby, Rosie and me.

Stayed tuned. I’m sure this will become a series.


Yep,looks like Jamie’s been added to family.










Yep, definitely part of our family.


20 OCTOBER 2012

With Uncle Andy at Frightdome.



22 JULY 2013



3 thoughts on “Our Family

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! :0D

    PS: You’ve read my blog, right? I should change the name from “Abby Gabs” to “Abby Makes Funny Faces.” LOL

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