Osama Been Lately- An Update

Osama bin Laden, still dead. Yeah I spelled it wrong up there. Sue me.

What’s with the new spelling? “Usama”? Who are we kidding? Or more to the point whose ass are we kissing? Are we being “sensitive” to other people’s feelings? Are we not going to publish pictures of his shot up dead ass?  Who are we kidding? The Mooslums and their friends at the Major Media Outlets publicized Nick Berg’s beheading. No one flinched when the dirtbags posted bodies of American contractors hanging from overpasses.  Who  put Somalis dragging dead American soldiers by their underwear in Mogadishu when their Blackhawk went down? Every news program. That’s who.

WTF is this picture supposed to convey? Leadership? Involvement? Concern?

That would make more sense.

What is that in front of Hillary? Why is it “fuzzed out”? We here at the Lucky Puppy think it’s Lesbian Porn.

Let’s give the heroes who went in to kill that sonofabitch every thanks and praise. But seriously, if you’re going to use a never-been-seen-unknown-stealth helicopter on the operation, be sure to wang off the tail by hitting the wall when you try to land the thing.

Whoops. This was described as a "mechanical failure".

Then some nice bystanders (read farmers) put a shower curtain (or maybe some rugs) around it.

That way folks can't take pictures of it.
Like this one.....

Then some crack Pakistani Special Forces (read farmers) hauled it away to safety (or China),

There it goes.....

In the end, Operation Neptune’s Trident harvested a treasure trove of “actionable intel” .  Also it was revealed that Bin Laden spent his days drinking Pepsi and Coke and watching bootleg DirectTV. His favorite show (I’m not making this up) apparently was “American Idol”.

One thought on “Osama Been Lately- An Update

  1. If the DoD has a brain in its element, they’ll have already demanded that the Pakistanis return the tail, intact, to the nearest US forces available. Failure to do so will certainly not help their case (since they insist that they had NO IDEA that UBL/OBL was in their AO…yeah, whatever). Not returning it would cause them to be added to our Shit List. Let the ass-kicking commence.

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