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The graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, who were not allowed to be buried together. On the Protestant part of this cemetery J.W.C van Gorcum, colonel of the Dutch Cavalry and militia commissioner in Limburg is buried. His wife, lady J.C.P.H van Aefferden is buried in the Catholic part. They were married in 1842, he was a protestant and didn’t belong to the nobility.

This caused quite a commotion in Roermond. After being married for 38 years the colonel died in 1880 and was buried on the protestant part of the cemetery against the wall. His wife died in 1888 and had decided not to be buried in the family tomb but on the other side of the wall, the closest she could get to her husband. Two clasped hands connect the graves across the wall.

The one in the middle is dead. 1839.

Fredric Baur dreamed up the original Pringles can. When he died, his will stipulated that he be buried……in a Pringles can. His adult children debated which flavor would be used. “Original” was decided on and they bought it at their local WalMart. Proof

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower haunts a farm house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Jim Wilson-If Mom or Dad go to Heaven and they have to fly home, they will be booked on American Airlines as “Jim Wilson”.

3800 slaves are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. PROOF
The actor Lee Marvin is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

“Kurt Russell” was the last thing ever uttered by Walt Disney.

It turns out that one of, if not the last thing Disney did before dying in 1966 was scrawl the name “Kurt Russell” (then a child star who had already signed with Disney) on a scrap of paper.

Hitler and Eva Braun are buried under a garbage dump in what was East Germany.

Most of Hitler’s family still live in America.

Charles Windolph was born on December 9th, 1851 in Bergen, Germany. He died on March 11th, 1950 and was the last Army survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Also known as Custer’s Last Stand. Windolph was awarded the Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart for this action. Proof.

This is the only known picture of Lincoln lying in State.

In 1876 thieves had failed in an attempt to steal the corpse of Abraham Lincoln and hold it for ransom. On September 26, 1901, on orders from Lincoln’s son Robert, Lincoln’s body was re interned encased in concrete. The coffin was open in order to dispel rumors of The President not being buried there. All 23 of the people who viewed the remains of Mr. Lincoln have long since passed away. The last one was Fleetwood Lindley who died on February 1, 1963.>Click Here to see proof

From 1876 until 1901, Lincoln’s body was hidden in a basement. At first under a pile of wood and later in a shallow grave. Mary Lincoln’s body was buried there as well.

Thirty bodies have been placed upon the Lincoln catafalque and authorized the honor of Lying in State.
The only woman, Rosa Parks.

The airplane Buddy Holly died in was the “American Pie.” (Thus the name of the Don McLean song.)

Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, the person who trained the Apollo astronauts in Lunar geology has his remains interned on the moon.

Ed Headrick, the father of the modern Frisbee died at the age of 78.
His dying wish is to have his ashes molded into memorial Frisbees to be given to a select few family and friends. >Click Here to see proof

Paramedics have to sterilize the arm of condemned prisoners or face malpractice charges if (??) the person dies.

Deborah Stone was the first Disneyland Employee to die in the line of duty, July 1974. She was an greeter on “America Sings”. While testing the ride she was crushed between a stationary wall and a moving wall. The ride was closed for three days to clean up and install warning lights. No one was there to witness her death and she was discovered the following day when she failed to show up for work. >Click Here to see proof

On April 10, 1912, the RMS Titanic set sail from Southampton on her maiden voyage. At 11:40 PM on April 14, 1912, she struck an iceberg about 400 miles off Newfoundland, Canada. Only 705 people were rescued; 1523 drowned or froze to death in the icy water. However, Five dogs and a pig were saved. Click Here to see proof

Death Masks

A death mask is a plaster or clay impression of a person’s face made after their death. It gives us today a unique look at what historical figures really looked like.

Benjamin Franklin
President Abraham Lincoln
Ludwig von Beethoven
General Robert E. Lee
Last Words

Is someone hurt?
Robert F. Kennedy, to his wife directly after he was shot and seconds before he fell into a coma

Now, now, my good man, this is no time for making enemies.
Voltaire (attributed), when asked by a priest to renounce Satan

LSD, 100 micrograms I.M.
Aldous Huxley To his wife. She obliged and he was injected twice before his death.

They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.
General John Sedgwick, Union Commander in the U.S. Civil War, who was hit by sniper fire a few minutes after saying it

Pardonnez-moi, monsieur.
Marie Antoinette.
Marie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI.
She was convicted of treason following the Revolution and sentenced to death by beheading. As she approached the guillotine,
she accidentally stepped on the foot of her executioner.

My God. What’s happened?
Diana (Spencer), Princess of Wales

This is funny.
John Henry Holliday. After over 15 years of gun fighting, Doc Holliday died in bed.

Order A.P. Hill to prepare for action! Pass the infantry to the front rapidly!
Tell Major Hawks. . . . Let us cross over the river and sit under the shade of the trees.

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson.

Hold the cross high so I may see it through the flames!
Joan of Arc.

That’s obvious.
John F. Kennedy.
Kennedy had just responded to the Texas governor’s wife’s comment,
“Mr. President, you can’t say that Dallas doesn’t love you”.

At the present time I have nothing more to say to you.
Lee Harvey Oswald

Strike the tent.
Robert E. Lee

Please don’t let me fall.
Mary Surratt.
Mary Surratt, one of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, was the first woman
ever executed by the United States government. She was hanged on July 7, 1869.

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