OBL Rumors

SO much is being put up about Osama bin Laden. He’s dead. He’s not dead. He fought back. He screamed like a Girly Man.  Amadinejad (Holy Shit! I spelled that right the first time!) says OBL is in Washington D.C. He also said the OBL IS Barrack Obama.  OBL was located when he turned on his iPhone.  Yeah, save the watches the shit’s getting deep.

So…it that spirit….let’s stir up (as in make up) a few more more rumors.  Please post you own ideas.


The Playstation Network was shut down so that Call of Duty Player “IMOBLINPAKI” would call in to complain .

2. OBL was on the down stroke with wife and came and went at the same time. This is why she was shot in calf.

3.  Pakistan’s President’s first reaction to the news of OBL shot dead in Pakistan: “Oh…THAT Bin Laden.”

Your Turn…..

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