Obama+Gas Prices= Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

The President commented on high gasoline prices today.

He said, “Do you think that the President of the United States going into election wants the gas prices to go higher?”


He’s what he said on 12 June, 2008….


On April 13, 2011, he ducks the question on if he’ll take steps to lower gas prices and laughs it off as a joke…

Here’s a campaign ad from 2008. Didn’t have a plan then. Doesn’t have a plan now.

Under Bush, high gas prices are evil. Four years later under Obama, high gas prices are a good thing….

The Obama Administration’s Green Energy Agenda requires high gas and energy prices in order for high cost alternative energies to compete in the market. In his desire to be re-elected, President Obama is conveniently ignoring his own energy policies.

Ask yourself. Can YOU afford to have this President for four more years?

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