Obama Starves the Second Admendment to Death

At least he thinks he has.  The little town of Herculaneum, Missouri has a population of 3468.  It was founded on July 27, 1819.  The Doe Run Smelter is the industry of this hamlet and has been in business since 1892.  The Obama Administration has had the EPA write regulations to attack this and only this one business.

Since 2008, well… no…since 1892 the evil Doe Run Smelting Plant has been destroying the environment and poisoning people.  This is according to a 2008 law suit filed by Jack and Leslie Warden.  The Wardens lived in  Herculaneum for 16 years and then moved out six years ago when they accepted a buy out from Doe Run to settle the suit.



It”s all about lead.  The Doe Run Smelting plant has been smelting lead from ore for 121 years and on 31 December, 2013 they will close their door forever and the 145 employees will be out of work.  This in response to the more than $15 Billion in fines and clean up costs levied against the plant.  Doe Run Resources Corporation said it would cost an additional $65 million dollars to convert the plant from hot smelting to the cold smelting process and bring the plant up to code.  Doe Run also announced that the company will try to shift the out of work smelters to other jobs within the company.  Most notably the water treatment plant in Herculaneum.

So as of the first of the year, America will no longer produce lead from ore.  Other plants around the country have quietly closed or switched to precious metals that have a higher profit margin.  But Doe Run pressed on until the Obama EPA increased the fines by a factor of ten.  For this one remaining plant.


Right?  Wrong.  We will now have to export our ore to someone else to smelt.  Someone like…China.  You know, Communist China who is the world’s biggest producer of lead pollution and non-signer of the Kyoto Accords.  Oh yeah, that China.

That means that lead production for the U.S. has become an international commerce issue and will fall into federal control.  If your keeping score this is what happen to our domestic production of steel decades ago.


Because along with steel, lead is a strategic metal.  All that lead goes into the manufacture of batteries and bullets.

  • Batteries that all those looney Home Preppers use to free themselves from the national grid.
  • Bullets for all those guns that the pesky Second Amendment says we get to keep.

Yes Virginia, that gun you own makes a really good club without the bullets.


Remember a couple of months ago when all the federal agencies were making massive ammo purchases?  Makes sense now.  Without a domestic source of ammunition,  private gun ownership is a mute point.  That’s why Obama is twerking in his underwear upstairs at the White House.



Our wise Founding Fathers didn’t think of ammunition ownerships when they signed off on the Second Amendment.  Back in the day everyone made their own bullets.    So it’s back to the basics.  Make your own bullets.  Can you see a black market in lead? Can you see lead ownership becoming illegal like old light bulbs.

What if lead becomes illegal to save the planet?

  • “Drop that flashlight and back away.”
  • All hybrid cars get to have the galactically expensive “Lead Free” batteries.
  • Possession of bullets with the intent to sell. [ed note: No, wait, that’s illegal now isn’t it?]

Here is a partial list of other household items that may contain lead.
− Food and liquids stored in lead crystal or lead-glazed pottery or porcelain
− Folk remedies that contain lead, such as “greta” and “azarcon” used to treat an upset stomach
− Garden hoses – in brass couplings or in PVC
− Imported candy containing tamarind or chili
− Wheel weights
− Computers; circuit boards (young kids should not take electronics apart)
− Old or imported cans with soldered seams
− Antique toys (painted wagons, wood toys, lead soldiers)
− Some foil and colored gift wrap and ribbons
− Decorations on glass drinking mugs

The Obama Administration has stated that the closing of the plant was a “business decision” and the government had nothing to do with it.

Is this the change you voted for?


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  1. Hey I’ve got an idea how about we cut off the food supply to the White House, and starve him and that monkey wife of his out. Then we poison the water supplies to all the Capital to get rid congress then maybe we can elect real people not puppets

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