Obama Screws Up Again

So Old George Bush was stupid huh? So how come your Super-Intelligent Harvard Professor President doesn’t know to shut the fuck up during a National Anthem? Any country’s National Anthem. Did he not recognize “God Save the Queen”? Did he think it was “My Country tis of Thee”?

Watch Queen Elizabeth tell him to “nick off” when he “raises a glass”.  Even Camilla on his right was sober enough to get it right. Watch the Queen’s Soldiers behind her snap to attention and salute.

If you can see the video, click right here.

This is just the latest gaff and  insult of the United Kingdom by this boorish president.


Seriously, the White House Protocol Office should be sacked.  But then again, maybe Barry is got them on ignore?


Can the Obama Administration Get Anything Right?


“Miss me yet?”- President George W. Bush


3 thoughts on “Obama Screws Up Again

  1. How embarrassing…but very FUNNY! I can’t stop
    playing the bloody video over and over again!

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