Newbie Prank

This one was pulled on me. It is a great one to pull on an officer or senior NCO.

I arrived at good old Hahn AB. It was December and snowy and cold. My Flight Chief told me to go ride around in the expedetor truck to get to know everyone and see where everything was.

Lamb to slaughter, I jump the expeditor truck. Grabbing a spot on the bench I noticed there are about five people there already.

The guy next to me says ….

“Hi, I’m Mike. Welcome to Germany.”

Normal so far….

“I’m Walt, nice to meet you.”, I replied.

The next guy holds out his hand. “Hi, I’m Mike.”
The next guy, “I’m Mike.”
“Mike’s the name.”

By the time I got to the fifth guy I said, “I guess you’re Mike too.”


A quick check of line badges revealed that they were all named “Mike”.

Over the years we had a couple of sets of “Mikes”, some “Joes”, “Jims” and even “Davids”.

Try it sometime. Great way to “Press to Test” the new Boss.

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