New Paint Scheme Debuts on F-16

The F-16’s at Eielson AFB, Alaska will be sporting a new paint scheme. They have been chosen as the first aircraft to receive the Arctic Camouflage. Airmen of the 8th FW, Kunsan AB, South Korea got the chance to apply the new camouflage as part of the 8th transferring their assigned jets to Eielson. Work was started in November in preparation of the transfer.

USAF photos by TSgt. Quinton T. Burris

Kunsan will be getting the more advanced Block 40 F-16’s from Eielson and Kunsan’s Block 30’s will be flying as Agressors during Eielson’s Red Flag-Alaska excercises with the new paint job.

2 thoughts on “New Paint Scheme Debuts on F-16

  1. These are agressor F-16’s. Won’t be a “standard” paint scheme for all F-16’s. Closely resembles the new Su-35/37 Super Flanker colorations from the Russian team across the icy straights. AF doctrin is for low visibility; austensively for night operations. But they do look cool!

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