New Black Panther Party Does Not Support GOP Convention

Recordings from radio talk shows have surfaced with representatives of the New Black Panther Party expressing their displeasure of the Republican Party holding their convention in Tampa, Florida.

WARNING: These statements contain Potty Mouth.


Okay. All the kids safely out of the room? Good.

[editor’s note: We are making a CLEAR STATEMENT that we do not condone the following behavior and furthermore reject any form of violent or hateful retaliation with regards to the statements made by the New Black Panther Party. We call on all Americans to use the power of the ballot box to bring about change that will end this and all examples of Class Warfare in America.]

The New Black Panther Party is threatening to “skin white people” and “throw bombs into nurseries” to “kill every white in sight”.

NPB to the RNC: Our feet will be on your motherfucking necks”.


It’s nice to see the party of diversity is reaching out again. Okay, that’s a bit unfair of me. This is definitely the racist, lunatic fringe of the Left. But where are the charges of domestic terrorism coming from the Justice Department.  Why isn’t Attorney General Holder prosecuting these people for making clear threats? While mainstream media is decrying the Abortion Issue of last week, where is the outcry of Hate Speech from them about these statements?

Here is Michelle Williams, Chief of Staff  (for Tampa,Florida) of the New Black Panther Party speaking on Black Power Radio.

Samir Shabazz speaks his mind.

“Ignorance is strength”- Idi Amin

We here at the Lucky Puppy would like to point out the mainstream media has labeled the Tea Party as a racist hate group of gun toting nuts. Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security has labeled returning war veterans as “Potential Terrorists”.

 New Black Panthers calling for Race War while DOJ’s Eric Holder Refuses to Act.

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