Never Discuss Science with a Kid.

You never know where it might lead. My seven year old daughter, Rosie asked where do falling stars hit when they fall? I said, “Stars don’t fall, what you see is a meteor.”

Things then went all to hell.
Rosie: “What’s a meteor?”
Dad: “A rock.”

Rosie:”What happens when it hits?”
Dad: “How big a rock?”
Rosie: “As big as a house.”
Dad: “Everything dies.”
Rosie: “Even your friend, if they live on the other side?”
Dad: “Yep.”
Rosie: “I don’t think that would happen.”
Dad: “It already has.”
Dad: “Have you ever seen a living dinosaur?”
Rosie: “Yes. No wait a minute, no.”
Dad: “A meteor killed them all.”
Rosie: “All of them?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie: “Did it kill everything?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie:”Then why are we here?”
Dad:”Well, it didn’t kill everything.”
Rosie: “What was alive?”
Dad: “Little furry animals.”
Rosie: “Did the little animals grow up to be us?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie: “Were they little monkeys that grew to a bigger one, then a bigger one, then to us?”
Dad: “Something like that.”
Rosie: “Why did that happen?”

At this point she has me kind of stuck.

Dad:”Because that is what God wanted to happen.”

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