Nellis Commander Donates F-35 to Air Museum

F-35 departs Nellis AFB, Nevada bound for Andrews AFB.

Citing cost saving measures, the Commander of the 57th Combat Wing has donated a F-35 to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

At the 21 March Going Away Ceremony, Wing Commander General McClatchy was heard to say;

“We  weren’t really using it.  We’ve only got one pilot and didn’t have anywhere to put it.  My wife mentioned that it would be nice to give it to a museum.  After completing analysis study, it was determined that we’d save gobs of cash by giving the jet away.”,



One F-35 remains at Nellis AFB where it is dusted daily.


At first,, the director of the National Air and Space Museum was skeptical of  the gift.

“We have budget problems just like the Air Force.  We were thinking about giving it back or maybe sending it to the shredder.”

It was when it was being  placed on display that the staff was shocked to see the $137  million dollar airplane transform itself into the Autobot “Breakaway”.

“This was a horse of a different color.  We put him right to work.”, said the museum director.  Breakaway was immediately hired as a janitor and went right to work.  “He never takes a break.  Hell, I don’t think he sleeps.  Best of all he doesn’t belong to a union.”, the director went on to say.

Breakaway hired as janitor at National Air and Space Museum.


In a hastily called news conference, the Director of the National Air and Space Museum announced the firing of the entire janitorial staff.



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  1. Just think of the cost savings if that Wing King donated his other F-35 to the National museum!!! We want one, too!!!

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