NASA is Throwing a Yard Sale

NASA announced today that since they don’t need them anymore, they are GIVING AWAY their space shuttles. All you have to do is pony up for the shipping and handling.  That might be around 30 million bucks.  Oh…you have to be a museum to qualify and the Smithsonian already has dibbs on Discovery.

The last big aviation give away was when the Concorde retired.  That was easy.  There are 13 Concordes left…only three shuttles are on the block.  The Government is involved with the shuttles.

Shuttle expert and author Dennis Jenkins was quoted to say:

“The current competition is going to be stupider than Concorde was because the government is involved.  Congress will immediately go into an uproar and un-decide for them.”

As Shuttle retires there are no plans to replace it.  Once again that leaves good ol’ Soyuz, the only taxi you can take to get to the International Space Station.  U.S. plans to go to Mars and return to the Moon have been scrapped.  So if you have kids, you might want to break it to them that they don’t have a hoop in Hell of becoming an Astronaut.  Maybe their kids will.  In the meantime they can play “Community Organizer and Health Care Coordinator”.

3 thoughts on “NASA is Throwing a Yard Sale

  1. Don’t worry, before long we won’t need a taxi into space anyway. The solar storms are due to take out the space station in flaming glory…along with communication and GPS satellites…and all significant power grids with lines above ground…wait, that is civilization as we know it…crap, now I need to go buy some guns and stock up on ammo and armageddon supplies…”Honey! I need to run to the store!”

  2. hello, i am a US citizen and definitely NOT a russian spy. i would like to acquire one of these vessels to show off to my friends, and i’m not planning on reverse engineering it. that’s something a russian spy would do, not a US citizen like myself.
    US government would be wise in giving me this opportunity because i support my mother country of ru… united states.
    please send to 472 yakow st. Moscow Russia, that is where i will pick it up and bring it back to the states, because i am US citizen and not russion spy.

    thank you, best regards: Vladik Bolodenka Kuznetsov

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