Nano-Printing on Your Personal Checks

Go get your check book. Look at the signature line on a check. Look at it with a magnifying glass. See anything?

Does it look something like this?

Talk about fine print. Why would banks do that? By signing on the line you are endorsing the Legal Fiction of the bank account transaction. This is also known as The Straw Man.  Look at your check again. Is your name in capital letters?  Have you ever made money on the internet and they ask you for your Social Security Number or Business License number? When you open a banking account, the bank creates legal corporate fiction. Like a Doing Business As title. The name on the check is not you, it is a ‘Legal Fiction‘, a corporate entity created by your bank to bring your sovereign American flesh and blood self under their Commercial jurisdiction. Something they can’t do without your consent, even if it is unknowingly consensual.

Why do that? It’s because we don’t have paper money. We have Federal Reserve Notes. It is a Fiat Currency.  Fancy name for IOU’s. In the past, paper money had a value in gold or silver. Paper money today is just a debt marker. When you cash a check, you THE AUTHORIZED INDIVIDUAL who can sign the corporate document is requesting an amount of debt markers (also known as cash). Look at a bill that you might have right now. It says on there:



Yeah…so? That means that if you think this note is real money and the person, business or GOVERNMENT that you are giving it too agree that they think it’s real money then it is (for legal IRS purposes).  Note that I took great pains to avoid anyone saying it IS real money, just agreeing to THINK it is.

Wesley Snipes

Recently Wesley Snipes challenged the IRS to their jurisdiction over his income. He did this because he knows about the ‘straw man’ i.e. your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, a legal corporate fiction. He/his lawyers went through great lengths to ensure on all of his contracts that payments would be made to his flesh and blood self, Wesley Snipes, not his corporate self through the Social Securities Administration, WESLEY SNIPES. He knew that the only reason the IRS has jurisdiction over peoples income (100% in fact) is because they don’t recognize that they are not making any money… rather their SSN holding corporate straw man was being paid because thats how the game works and thats the name on the check. Look at your next paycheck…
He pushed the point in court… very brave and difficult and he beat them and kept his money… but what you saw in the news was that he is going to jail for 3 years on 3 misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file a tax return. The truth is that he hired great tax attorneys who know how to separate and redeem your straw man from your actual real self for purposes of earning income. But, they were not bankers and fucked up because all of the checks he cashed in his real name were payable in dollars, but he unconditionally accepted Federal Reserve Notes as payment when he processed his checks. Federal Reserve Notes are a private debt money system, and unwittingly he became responsible for having to at least file an annual accounting of his use of their private debt system.

In olden times you took real money to the bank and left it there. When you wanted it, you could go get it. If you went to a different bank you could write a note (they call it a withdrawal slip now a days) saying the bank you were in could write the bank where your money is and ask for them to send and replace the money you took from the bank you visited (The Templars thought this up but don’t get me started). Now a days, banks don’t have cash, they have debt markers. That’s why they keep it in drawers in front and keep jewels, gold or silver in safes in the back. That’s the reason that the FEDERAL Bureau of Investigation goes after bank robbers. That’s why the Secret Service goes after people who print fake money that isn’t authorized by the FEDERAL government. That’s why banks are insured against robbery. If their fake money is stolen, the Federal Government will print more fake money to replace it. The Feds don’t have to “pay” or “value” that paper with gold or silver.

In conclusion, remember Wesley Snipes? His defense was that his debt was fake because the money was fake. But he CASHED CHECKS which tacitly implied that he agreed that the Federal Reserve Notes were real. As soon as he used his checking account he unintentionally agreed to report his income to the IRS. He was convicted of NOT REPORTING to the IRS.  If private debt is fake and PUBLIC debt it fake, why is the NATIONAL debt so much of a problem. It’s a real debt that we get from other countries that do not care whether our money is fake or not. If you think a nation’s currency cannot be worthless ask Italy when they lopped three zeros off their money just to make the numbers smaller. Read this link if you really want to get scared.

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