Name This Car

Sometimes, living in the middle of a desert gets interesting. Did you know that many car companies test drive their new models up and down the 95 here in Nevada. Some companies drive all the models at once. Two door, four door, whatever.  In a tiny little caravan  Everyone gets sneaky and covers up their car to disguise  it. The exceptionally sneaky drive at night. They all have to stop for gas and I got this shot of one.  From the escort vehicles, my guess is that this is a Dodge.  Maybe the 2011, maybe even a 2012.  What’s you guess?

3 thoughts on “Name This Car

  1. I agree that the style is Dodge and it resembles the surrent Charger. My guess would be that it is going to go for more of the mid-market crowd though and less of the Charger fans. Then again, they may have simply been testing a new suspension or braking system and it has little to do with what we’re seeing.

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