My Vacuum Called a Time Out

Like a building storm, it started out slow. It started with Pledge Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

This Stuff.

That let me finally wipe the TV screen. Which begat the computer screen. The Computer Screen begat the keyboard and the keyboard led to the desk. The desk looked so good that the Electronics Center got its due. The PS3,printer,dvd,and dvr were returned to their Sexy Black Goodness.

Even Rosie was impressed when she showed up.

“But your floors need help.”, she added.

“Funny you should mention that, we have company coming.”, I said.


I took the kitchen and the bathroom and Rosie attacked the floors. At first she was pissed that her Swiffer was broken. But switched quickly to the O Cedar Pro-Mist Mop. What’s not to like about a mop with a spray bottle in the handle? With a full load of Mr. Clean on board and she was off to the races.

If you want the kids to vacuum, get them a Shop Vac. They are almost impossible to break. As the White Tornado approached the Living Room, Rosie asked to use the “Good Vacuum”.

"The Red One" aka the "Big Red One" aka the "Good One".

Yeah, I wanted a Dyson but got this one at Best Buy. It’s got that “Never Stops Sucking” technology but I could afford this one. It has been on the job for about six years now. Rosie fires up the “Big Red One” and it runs for about three minutes and stops. Dead. WTF?  Rosie is a mixture of pissed and terrified that she might have broke it.  I switch to the Fixit Dad mode.  Nothing. To the Internets!!   Of course I lost the owner’s manual but I’ll find it on the web…..not. Apparently the company stopped making this fine product.  I go back to “fixing” it. Before I do too much damage I find a sticker proudly proclaiming it’s website. “YEAH!”

I get “Peggy”. From India of course. I ask if there’s a manual I can download. Peggy politely ignores me in that Indian tech support sort of way and directs my attention to the power plug. I do not find the four digit number on the plug. I did find two six digits ones (go look, you have them too). The two extra digits confuses Peggy and she puts me on hold.

No Music.

She then directs me to find the data plate and I repeat the model number that I had already gave her. Since I read it off the data plate this reassures her and I go on hold again. The short wait gives me hope.

Peggy comes back and starts READING THE MANUAL TO ME. HUZZAH!!

There’s a thermal switch that shuts down the machine before it blows up. HUZZAH!! I don’t have to buy a new vacuum. It just has to “rest” for a little while.

We go chase a softball for an hour. Great Daddy/Daughter time.

Twenty minutes after we get back the carpet is perfect. Dad is happy and Rosie has $2.10 in her pocket.

She doesn’t have an allowance. For household cleaning she gets to keep what change she finds. I “Seed” the house to make sure she doesn’t get skunked and I get behind and under the sofa vacuumed.


5 thoughts on “My Vacuum Called a Time Out

  1. I love that. Maybe I can convince Brian that he can keep any change he finds when he does laundry. We’ll call it “Transformer money.”

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