My Saturday

I don’t usually report on my weekends unless something awesome (or stupid) happens.  Today was just a great day spent with friends.  Rosie is off camping so it’s Dad’s Day Off.


1. Got the oil changed in the car.  At Sears, because it’s under warranty.  Still felt weird having someone else do it and drove around all day wondering if the cap was tight.

2.  Had awesome lunch with Paul and Andy. No mean feat with Andy still in a wheelchair.  Did I mention mall walking/pushing? No. There, I just did.

3. Saw “The Expendables”.  Noticed that Stallone directed it and thought “Oh Boy, this will suck on ice”.  But surprise, it really didn’t. Nuff said before I have to put out a spoiler alert.

Saw this kid trap in a casino bathroom STALL.

Kid Trap

A woman/MOM invented this.  It’s so practical. You’re really vunerable going to the bathroom and this pins the little creature to the wall until Mommy (or Daddy) is “All Done”.

Vampires Suck

Vampires Suck. I thought this was just a video on You Tube but this is the poster at the Movies so it’s a real movie. We’re so going to see it.

Last but definitely not least. I got some new Crocs.  They so Rock, they’re leather.

Rockin' with my Crocs Out.

2 thoughts on “My Saturday

  1. Very nice. Did you take them to Lucky’s for the special? That steak was really good.

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