Most Expensive Music Video in History

At a whopping $150 Billion with a “B” U.S. dollars, a video of a David Bowie cover debuted yesterday.  Granted, most of the money went to set construction and location scouting.

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield made headlines tweeting with Captain Kirk.  Now Chris has published a farewell  music video as he departs the International Space Station today.

Hadfield was described as “perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth” by Forbes after building a considerable audience on social media, including over 760,000 Twitter followers as of May 2013,[10] and creating one of the top Reddit AmA threads of all time.[11] Hadfield has enlisted the help of his web-savvy sons Evan and Kyle to manage his social media presence.

Yeah, that’s him really singing. No lip syncing.


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