Mosque at Ground Zero is OK

But only if we can open a Gay Bar next door. In fact, Greg Gutfeld is doing just that. No joke.  In fact we at the Lucky Puppy want to go one step further.  If Gutfiled opens “Saudi Boiz” on one side we want to open “Rick’s Pulled Pork BBQ” eatery on the other side.

Rick's Pulled Pork BBQ

Have we lost our collective mind or is it just the president who thinks the mosque is a good idea? Yeah, sure they have a Constitution Right to worship how they see fit but no monopoly on bad ideas.  Would opening a KKK meeting hall next door to   The Lorraine Motel be a good idea?  They have the constitutional right to do so, but should they?   Would Sharpton, Jackson and Rangel have absolute melt downs?

What say you?

2 thoughts on “Mosque at Ground Zero is OK

  1. 1stly, u need to sight the BBQ place so the prevailing wind blows the smell of smoked pork towards the mosque most of the day. 2ndly, what name? “Oink-fidels”, “BBQ ‘all-ahh’cart” or “all-ahh BBQ”? OH! I’ve got it, “Constantinople BBQ”!

  2. Almost forgot. Regardless of the name, the catch phrase will be (in reference 2 generous serving sizes, of course) “U need BOTH HANDS to eat HERE!!!!”

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