More Than Just Footprints

Whether you call them Bigfoot or Sasquatch, there is a surprisingly large body of data that has been amassed. A Sea Change has been happening in the Bigfoot world and I have been doing a lot of research to confirm things that have changed my mind on the subject.
Besides castings of real big footprints did you know there’s more evidence of Sasquatch? [Note: I use “Sasquatch” as the plural since the current KNOWN count is approaching 2600 in North America.] So far evidence collected and observed consist of hair, blood, scat, flesh and DNA. They can see in the Infrared. They use Infra-sound to communicate and intimidate. We know what they eat and how they hunt. They mostly live in family groups with one dominant male. They build structures and they have a language. They are just as smart as you are and probably smarter since you won’t live long naked in the forest.
You can describe them as the most extreme hippies or badass forest ninja-commandos.


You can bet your paycheck that as soon as you step on their land they know instantly. If you leave a trail cam, they see it has well as you see dog shit on a white carpet. They also can hear it working. If you go around “whooping”, “knocking” and baiting them they will treat you like an unexpected guest at a wedding reception. They have been heard imitating birds, coyotes, running water and human speech. One more thing, they think is fun to watch us.

Maybe you’ve seen episodes of “Monster Quest” or “Finding Bigfoot” where teams used the crash and burn technique of trying to get evidence of Bigfoot on tape. You probably have stopped watching this stuff because they always wind up with squat, zip, nada.


Many experts in primatology have been advocating “habituation” as an answer. Habitation is the research technique used by Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey for chimpanzees and gorillas respectively. Rather than visiting them for the weekend, they spent weeks and months and years building trust with these animals and getting them into the habit of seeing the humans.
What if there were Dozens of Diane Fossey’s and hundreds of Jane Goodalls?

To accustom by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure.
In the past few years, “Habituators” having been coming forth with stories of Sasquatch living on or near their property. These sites have been kept secret for years and even generations for fear of an invasion of hunters and Bigfoot seekers.
“The only thing I can compare it to is being mentally reborn. Nearly everything I thought I knew has been given a different slant. Once I dropped what I expected from these people, an entire culture was opened up to me. Because I was so fearful, these beings spoon fed me a little at a time. What I am able to tell you so far is this. These people do not want to be “found”. They fit in with humans like gears. What humans lack, these people possess. What these people lack, humans possess.”
-“No Bite”, Texas #2

That was a quote from a women who has had Bigfeet on her property for years. Her location in Texas in kept secret because she doesn’t want hunters and geeks descending on them. She does let selected folks come and experience what she has on a daily (nightly) basis. It’s by invitation only. She uses the name “No Bite” because that’s what the Wookies call her. Yes they named her. She was trying to show them she was no threat and not to bite her grandchildren. To prove this she took out her teeth. Shortly after this they started calling out “NO BITE” (yes, in English) whenever she came out of her house.
Habituators are very secretive. They have their own forum on the web but you won’t find it. They trade stories and tips on how to deal with life when your property is infested with Bigfeet.
TS-USA Sasquatch Habituation Conference: My Presentation with Barb & Gabby

In 1996, the TV show “Is it Real” had a segment about Bigfoot featuring a woman who comes across has, well…..nutty. Now a days, not so much.

“Bigfoot- Is It Real?”  Janice Carter and “Fox”

In the video below that actual footage begins @ 16:44

Janice Carter

Scott this is Jan here. This is the Squeeky in the barrel video and that is Nicki not Fox that is in the ditch line behind the barrel she is watching. Nicki was ready to snatch Squeeky up had we gone closer. That isn’t my brother it is my ex-husband and the other man is Joseph Bell. Fox, Nicki, Wenebojo aka Bo, and Squeeky are all in this video footage. It was originally done on a 8mm video camera Mary had. Could you please friend me and message me on Facebook. I’m under my name and have a picture of my show collie Bess as my picture. Bess is a smooth/short haired tricolor collie. There should be more footage, video of Fox’s family members if Mary gave the video to you. Thanks, Jan

While we’re at it you might as well know what these folk use when they refer to Sasquatch.
Wookies, Bigfeet, The Feet, Monkey Kids and Monkey Children, The Neighbors, The Locals, The People, Furries. I’m sure there’s more.

Okay Star Trek fans, how to you communicate with an alien race that has little in common with you?


Leaving snacks and stuff out for them is how it starts. But leave them their privacy. They like fruit and chocolates. They are a noble race, because pretty soon they will gift back. A bird feather (or a whole dead bird), pebbles, rocks and sticks. They have also been known to leave ribbons, used fireworks and one occasion a small porcelain duck that had seen better days.
As gifting progresses, they will be trading or borrowing. No Bite had her rabbit hutch raided. The rabbits were gone and the Wookies left a dead owl in a cage. Good Trade. The Feet have been known to fuck with people. Yard tools taken out of the shed and piled on your porch. They also borrow. Old hammers have been known to disappear only to reappear months later all clean and polished up shiny.
They have a sense of fair trade. On one site, the lady said she had no food to gift to them because she had barely enough to feed herself. They next day she found a deer leg on her porch. They were concerned for her.


They only communicate when they want to. The whooping and wood knocks you see the “Finding Bigfoot” people do  does nothing. The Feet use these sounds to communicate with each other. Think of Indians with Tom Toms or smoke signals. If they want to communicate with you they use pebbles rocks and sticks. These items are laid out in patterns. One thing that has emerged was the concept of three and one. At one site, every time the habituator have left sticks out in a pattern the Feet rearranged them in a group of three (rocks or sticks) with one by itself. If there were more than four items, the excess disappeared. Some thought that the Feet were saying there are three of us and one of you but later observations proved that false.


They have their on language but can speak English.  They are good imitators. Many a habituator has had her kids run into the house because they heard her calling them.  Nope it was the Feet.  They also imitate animals and sound effects.  One habituator tells the story of showing her friend around the house and a babbling brook followed them from room to room.  Frogs are a Wookie favorite.  Feel free to rewind the Finding Bigfoot tapes and count how many times Bobo says “That’s a coyote”.

Calls him “Mike” at 7:16

Now play it again but this time scroll up to the dictionary above.  Recognize any words?

I have explained how they use sticks for pattern making. They also make tree structures for some unknown purpose (See Survivorman Bigfoot). They might be territory markers or warnings or celebrations of milestones like the birth of a child or they could just be art.
Stick piles have been found after a night of watching the humans. Audio recordings of “stick breaks” have been made and the next day piles of evenly broken sticks were found where something heavy has spent some time. The bark is stripped from the sticks and it’s speculated that the Feet use the bark as a source of salt like gorillas do. Picture Sasquatch spending the night, munching on snacks and watching you sleep.


Probably not. If you get near the kids the Moms will get aggressive like every other Mother. Winter is mating season and males are very aggressive. More than likely they will just walk off and ignore you. The next step is to toss something near you (not at you). The level of their pissedoffness can be judged by the size of the stuff they throw. Pebbles and pinecones, not so much. Boulders, really annoyed. Many hunters and witnesses said they couldn’t shoot a gun or a camera because they were “frozen with fear”. Congratulations, the Feet whipped out their infra-sound on you. Don’t believe that? Google lions and elephants who use infra-sound as well.
Sasquatch are VERY territorial. On one site the wife was reaching out to them but her husband was warring over the lawn. The Locals like tall grass. They would zing pine cones at him. One night he thought he got into a rock fight with his teenage daughter. He could make out her form in the moonlight and heard her giggling every time she hit him. He got tired of being hit so he went back inside to wait to chew her out to find she was upstairs doing homework. He was in denial about the Feet and his wife said, “Yeah right, the deer and the squirrels are chucking rocks and pine cones at you.
A few nights after this “rock fight”, the Feet dumped about a dozen live lizards down the fireplace chimney. It was a message not to fuck with their kids. Feet have a sense of humor.

As we learn more about these folks, they are closer to “Harry and the Hendersons” than “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. But either is possible, so beware.

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15 thoughts on “More Than Just Footprints

  1. Lots of great info here. I would like to be able to learn more about the communities of people who have them living on their property. With all the vocalizations I’ve been hearing lately I’m beginning to wonder if something is living out here close.

  2. Christopher Noel is a good place to start. He’s a habituator that writes about his and others experiences. Sasquatch Rising was the first book I read. Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s “Science Meets Sasquatch” made me a believer and Noel’s book took it to the next level. It has made me go back and watch episodes of “Finding Bigfoot” and noticing things that the Locals do to make the team look like fools. “What was that?” “Just a Coyote.” Really?

  3. The reality is that there are habituation sites all over the country. Folks with “The Locals” on their property. I’ll leave a link here that has all the references I used. They are very secretive because they don not want their properties to be overrun with hunters. There is a closed group on facebook where they share experiences. The sasquatch have survived because they are where humans are not. Like the teeth of a gear. They are not apes. They are hominids. They are smarter than we are. Could you survive in the wild with nothing? Many sightings are accidental. They are very tactical and strategic in their interactions with us. No one “finds” a Sasquatch. They come to us. They seem to kick a kick out of watching us and they have a sense of humor. They play pranks. At one site, the husband didn’t believe they were real. He got pelted with pine cones when he mowed the deep grass they used. He also got a dozen live lizards down the chimney one night.

    There are many undiscovered tribe of humans on the planet. Do we have to shoot one to prove they exist? No, because they’re human. We don’t even think about killing one. The same is true about the Sasquatch.

    Lastly, in November I went from Bigfoot Believer to Sasquatch Knower. I have a personal sighting that years of reading and study did not prepare me for. It was confusing and shocking and I immediately went into denial. Four an hour I drove along saying to myself, “That was a bear. That was a bear.”

  4. Hi Walt, good morning from Germany!
    I just finished reading your collection of thoughts and insights about the Sasquatch, here above!
    Thank you for posting it!
    It is one of the few short yet informative articles on these fascinating beings!
    The denial and secrecy around them is a phenomenon which could be studied for an extra dissertation!
    Our hairy cousins have been known all along and very well in most parts of the world.
    Here in Germany they were depicted within the coat of arms of several noble families, the Wildmen!

    What is obvious as well, is that they are still (or again?) roaming our forests here.
    I sometimes take a walk with my dear old mum and, believe me, with every new walk I am finding new structures!
    There are teepees of all kinds as well as tree-leanings, clearly not made by scouts or forest workers.
    I take pictures of them all, noting the location, and my collection grows and grows.
    There were also two times when I heard them imitating birds, very sharp, very short with nothing else around: One like a cuckoo (in a place where I never heard this bird before, and usually they call for quite some time if they are “real”), the other time it was a raven which calls several times when it is a real raven. This time it was just two calls – very loud, then gone. I also had two pebbles thrown on the roof of my car (usually parking and heading home from the same place in the forest) and one landing on my head when I was about to take a closer look at some strange wooden structure! All this happened during the last 12 months approximately. And so on!
    Thanks again and have a good week! Claudia

  5. Hi Claudia,
    Thank you for that comment. Did the cuckoo sound like a 500 pound cuckoo? The raven? Many in this country feel the government discourages Bigfoot sightings because of the impact on logging revenue if the Feet are recognized and given endangered species status.

    Veilen Dank,


  6. Hi Walt, indeed both the cuckoo and the raven sounded abit “overweight”, very unusual to be sure. I heard them within 3 months perhaps, first the cuckoo, in late summer, than in autumn, the raven. Just their loud and sharp noises, very short, no repetitions after that. I also heard some branch breaking now and then in that area, mostly during nightfall. Alles Gute! Claudia

  7. My wife and I had pebbles thrown at us next to the Susquehanna River during the day. Did not look for the source but there were no cliffs or trees that could have done something like that during our hike that day. I personally believe they are inhabitants of the Pocono, Endless and Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania.

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