More Kabuki Theater from Obama

“The Pregnant Lady Speech” is yet more Kabuki Theater from President Obama.  Will he ever be straight forth and honest with the American People?


Theatre, artifice, fake, insincere, something done only for show. AKA lip service.

Just in is a video posted on the website  Lady Patriots.
Where in they lay out in detail the sham of the pregnant lady “fainting” behind the President as he touted the glories of the Obamacare roll out.  Maybe fainting is to much.  How about “Swooning”.  How about “Acting”.
See for yourself…
[youtube_sc url=”″]
Back in April the Lucky Puppy pointed out the shenanigans happening during the Sandy Hook shootings.

Sandy Hook- Wait Just a God Damned Minute.

Now with this latest sham, Sandy Hook doesn’t look like a Right Wing, Kooky, Gun Toting, Disgruntled War Vet rant.  Now does it?

Want more?  Remember this?

Who was Alex Okrent?

Any Birthers out there?  Obama is a 100% red blooded American.  He just lied about being Indonesian to get into college.  That’s why everything is sealed tighter than a drum.  If you missed that one, read about it here.






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