More Awesomely Weird Patches

One of the places where reality meets the military is the “unauthorized” and sometimes authorized patches they wear.

This one was proudly worn, if not  publicly but in the alert facility by B-52 crews.

An oldie but a goodie. It’s a play on the Army recruiting commercial from the ’70’s.

Nuclear weapons always brings out the darkest humor.

Life support is all the stuff you’ll need when you eject from the soon-to-be ball of fire.  So yeah, let’s laugh at death. So there.

All time favorite and if you’re not laughing you’re NOT  one of the cool people.

Who would Jesus shoot?  That sums it up quite well.

Older vets will see this as a variation of “Let us win your hearts and minds or we’ll burn your goddamn huts down.”

The original folks at NASA were military pilots and a lot of the rocket guys were too.  So it goes to show that NASA winds up with some awesome patches.

Story Musgrave and the rest who saved the Hubble.

Exploring Mars is super serious business.  Right?

The satellite were named after the TMNT’s.  Serious business those NASA types.

Best job in the Air Force….um..I mean NASA.

This just may be the most awesome patch of all time.  They were worn by the WIVES of the astronauts as they stayed at home and prayed for their hubby’s safe return to earth.

Seriously, how cool is that?


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