Mission iRosie

Three grown men team up to get one small girl into one small picture.

Last weekend, Miranda Cosgrove was in Vegas to open  Bite of  Las Vegas.

The plan was to surprise Rosie.  She’s a big iCarly fan. Her brother Timm was the mastermind.  She thought he was taking her to McDonald’s.  The Team formed up at Bite of Las Vegas and she thought it was “Some Halloween thing”.  We were busted before we got to the gate. Standing in line she noticed all the Carly and Sam clones who were also in line.

“iCarly is here isn’t it?”

“Yes dear, Miranda Cosgrove”


Through the gate at 1000 and the Team swings into action.  Timm immediately takes a spot in line. Dad locks down a spot in front of the stage with a blanket and “Our Stuff”. Uncle Andy and Rosie fan out in search of food.

The Stage
Timm in the line.

The autograph line was HUGE. Maybe four or five hundred yards. Miranda was taking ten seconds to sign and say hi, so the line moved fast. But is was HUGE.  Here’s a pic of Timm in line.

Up on Uncle Andy so she could see.

Security (and the crowd) really made it impossible to get a glimpse of the iCarly star. However, Uncle Andy is Sasquatch-Tall and with a boost up, Rosie got to see her.  The autograph  signing was going to stop at Noon and Timm wasn’t even close. I told him to give up and come over to the stage to see her sing.  Timm said he wasn’t leaving the line but wanted food. Resupplied with a ration of Panda Express, he stayed in line.

As Miranda took to the stage ,  the announcer said that she wasn’t going to sing. Bummer.  But she welcomed everyone to Bite of Las Vegas, chatted about iCarly and then got off the stage.

Then the announcement was made that Miranda was blowing off her flight to stay and sign some autographs.  Heroic Brother Timm was still in line. “YAY!”

Miranda signing like mad.
Hi Rosie.
Satisfied Fan walks away.
Rosie took this one.

Mission Accomplished. It was pretty cool to see her in person.  I thought she had the blackest hair I’ve seen on a living organism. Not Clairol Black. It was like Magic Marker Black.

With pictures and autograph and memories tucked safely away, it was time to have some fun.

The team sat down to eat and Rosie rode The Orbiter.

The Orbiter 2000
Rosie and her little copilot.

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