Missing Raptor Found

An Elemendorf AFB, Alaska F-22A Raptor disappeared during routine training mission at 1940 Hours, 16 November 2010. After two days of searching, the crash site has been located 100 miles north of Elemendorf AFB, Alaska.

A recovery crew has been dispatched to the site. The pilot is feared dead. The cause of the crash has not been determined.

2 thoughts on “Missing Raptor Found

  1. The pilot has been identified as Captain Jeffrey Haney. To date the empty ejection seat has been found and portions of Haney's flight suit.

    Haney himself is still missing and although the search continues, hopes that he survived the ejection (If an ejection happened at all) are waning.

  2. Captain Jeff Haney was one of the Air Force’s best pilots; so when he crashed his F-22 Raptor into the Alaskan countryside in November 2010 it was very difficult to believe he was at fault.

    He wasn’t. It was the oxygen system that starved Haney of oxygen in the moments before his death resulting in the crash.

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