Merry Christmas!

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It’s that time of year when we at the Lucky Puppy wish you and your a Merry Christmas or whatever the fuck you call it.  We call it Christmas.  So Merry Christmas.  Throw up your decorations and trim the tree.  Shop ’til you drop and have tons of presents under the tree because by next year it will probably be illegal, or at least taxed.



Is there a Santa?











In 280 AD, in Turkish town of Patara, the original Saint Nichols was a monk who saved a group of nuns from becoming prostitutes by throwing balls of gold into their bedroom windows. Odd for a monk, he was wealthy having inherited his fortune when his parents died in an epidemic. He is the patron saint of banking, pawnbroking, pirating, butchery, sailing, thievery, orphans, royalty, and New York City.

Chrismakah is celebrated by families whose parents are Christian and Jewish.

In A.D. 320, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ.

Christmas wasn’t declared an official holiday in the United States until June 26, 1870. The first state to recognize the Christmas holiday officially was Alabama. Oklahoma was the last U.S. state to declare Christmas a legal holiday, in 1907.

Male reindeer shed their antlers before Christmas. So although Santa’s reindeer all have male names, they’re does.

Contrary to popular belief, suicide rates during the Christmas holiday are low. The highest rates are during the spring.

President Teddy Roosevelt, an environmentalist, banned Christmas trees from the White House in 1912.

Reindeer get a parasitic respiratory infection that turns their nose red.

Germany made the first artificial Christmas trees. They were made of goose feathers and dyed green.

Black Friday is not the busiest shopping day of the year. Although it varies, it usually lands sometime in December.

A woman who passes under the Mistletoe and is not kissed will not marry in the coming year.



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