Mckayla Maroney- Our Favorite

Mckayla Rocks

Mckayla Maroney is our fav here at the Lucky Puppy. In our humble opinion, she has the star power that the rest of the Fab Five lack. She has transcended from falling on her ass and missing Olympic gold (twice). She leaves London with a Gold Medal and more Olympic swag than those bitches from Russia and Romania. She’s going back to America. Land of Book Deals, Movie rights, corporate sponsorships and Dancing with the Stars.  When the Russians get home they’re going have to figure out where to get food without selling out to Russian Mafia prostitution rings.

Mckayla rocks because she’s her own woman. She marches to her own drummer. When she made that face on the awards podium, how many of us totally agreed with her.

What a refreshing blast of honesty.
Exactly what I yelled when it happened.
For the Record, she is very happy with the Silver Medal.


So she’s become an Internet Meme? Whatever. Check out her Twitter account and find out she thinks THIS SITE is hilarious. What does a girl do when Life dumps a big bowl of disappointment on her? Go shopping of course.  Good for her.


But we’ll pile on anyway.


This was our first idea but someone got there first. Damn.


Mckayla is thrilled to be on the Corn Flakes Box, but we like this better.

Here’s the team’s reaction when they saw the box.

Anybody but me notice this eerie resemblance?






Here’s a blank meme. Make your own and send it to us.



12 August 2012

Mckayla has taken control of the whole #unimpressed meme by publishing her own on her Tumbler account. She can do “The Face” at will making photoshop unnecessary.

Unimpressed that the pool is closed.


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